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Come and enjoy the running event Espoo Iltajuoksu 4th of May 2018!

You can choose your favourite between 7K FunRun, 14K and 21K half marathon. All starts are at 7pm. Race office and race centre are located in Tapiola Sports Center (Urheilupuistontie 2, 00220 Espoo). The route is at the area of Tapiola Sports Center - Mankkaa - Laajalahti.

Prices              1/2 maraton         14 km             7 km        Relay team

22.04.2018 .       40eur .                30eur .             30eur .      75eur

from 23.4 .          45eur .                35eur .             35eur .       85eur

Relay, 3 x 7km (3 persons team)


Prices incluce timing, service stations (on the route and finish) and program for participants.


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